about me 

Height: 5'5"   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Blonde

I've always been a talker. My grandfather worked in Mexico half of every month and when he would come home he would teach me Spanish words and he said my pronunciation was spot on for a two year old. I also had really good pitch and I enjoyed singing. As I grew up I excelled in choir singing in many different languages. I have fun hearing the differences in peoples tone, much like when you're having a good handwriting day and you love the way you wrote a word or, "hey, that's a perfect 4- I'm going to make all of my 4's look that good!" I would hear a line in a movie and I loved the way they said it so I would repeat it over and over until I felt like I got it just right. 

My parents are both characters. My dad is really talented at dad humor and tells the same jokes or stories over and over with the same enthusiasm. My mom speaks in silly voices and would wake me up with horrible made-up songs and melodies with zero continuity, something along the lines of, "wake up wake UP, it's time for SCHOOOOOOL whatcha gonna DOOOO today at SCHOOOOOOL, whatcha gonna WEARRRRR, if you don't get up UUUUP by the time I come BAACKKKK I'm gonna be MAAAAD" and then leave for five minutes and usually come back with "serious mom tone", and I would get up.


I'm now a professional musician touring for the last 7 years with one of the top corporate party bands in the world, Party on the Moon out of Atlanta, Georgia. On the side I do vocal work for Cheer Music Productions whose clients are competitive cheerleading teams all over the nation and they use our music for their routines. I have several placements with large organizations including Team USA. I also do placement vocal work for L77 Music for their movie and TV show catalog. 

I work with voice actor and coach Stanley Fisher from Stanley Fisher Creative and I've started landing clients with my demos demonstrating my voice acting for major brands and e-learning for corporate companies and businesses. My warm and inviting tone is perfect for PSA and alluring scripts while my brighter energetic tone grabs attention for a more upbeat vibe. I love connecting to the product and living in the character, it taps into my creative side and I use my personality and imagination to bring the product to life. I'm expecting my first child so go figure, my favorite scripts are babies and food. :)

So, let's create together- contact me for your next project!

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